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Frequently Asked Question Regarding The Lending Process 

How big is the mortgage market in Australia?

The residential mortgage market in Australia is in excess of 1.3 Trillion dollars. Each year over 27 Billion dollars in new loans are advanced. Over 50% of all new loans are now arranged by Finance Brokers.

Is there a need for credit advice?

Absolutely, there are thousands of Australians who are not only paying too much interest for their loan but also missing out of some very innovative product enhancements in recent years. Whilst the rate is very important equally important is each lenders credit policy. A good Finance Broker will ensure your unique requirements meets the lenders credit policy before lodging an application. Any wonder why Finance Broker loans have a high final approval rate.

Why not go straight to the lender?

Lenders tend, over time, to allow clients loans to drift into higher interest paying products. Lenders are profit orientated, as such; don’t have a lot of motivation to introduce their clients to cheaper products. Any wonder why thousands of Australians are paying standard variable rate loans when they don’t need to.

Do you charge for your service?

We do not charge for an initial consultation, its free. We are paid by the Lender for placing business with them, at no additional cost to you. We will charge a fee of $450 inc GST if we take your instruction to provide credit assistance which does not ultimately result in a settled loan. A detailed quote will be provided.

 For additional info regarding our services and fees call 1800 300 900

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